Saturday, December 29, 2018

Comfy And Cozy Are We

I never got around to posting this project last year, but it's been such a success that I thought it merited a post. My ears had endured several chilly winters in Virginia before I was struck with the (obvious) solution to knit a hat to keep them warm. After so many years in Florida, wool hats did not seem like a necessary winter accessory!

I opted for the Lake Reed pattern, which I thoroughly enjoyed knitting. I used leftover wool from my White Pine cardigan (how did I end up with several extra skeins?), and love the cheery color. It was lovely knitting up something fast after working on the White Pine!

I also made up a pair of fingerless mitts (fingerless mostly because I wasn't confident that I could do full gloves!), and used the Fast and Easy Fingerless Mitt pattern. I over-complicated the pattern by adding a patterned section to the tops. It's not quite centered when I wear them, despite my careful calculations, but I still like it!

I love how useful these projects have been -- they're certainly doing the job of keeping me warmer in chilly temps, and it's rewarding being able to use a hand-knitted project frequently. 

Comfy and cozy are we -- now if I could just wear them for an actual sleigh ride...


  1. I love these, Shannon! I have always liked the look of knitting, although knitting is a challenge for me. I can knit and purl, but have a tough time when things like dropped stitches happen. I'm an avid crocheter, though. :) I enjoy seeing your projects.

    1. Alyssa,

      Thank you! Ah, the dreaded dropped stitch -- I'm finally able to repair some mistakes without ripping back my hard work, but sometimes there's no hope. When I first started, I would literally start an entire project over if I made a mistake, because I couldn't figure out how to fix it! No wonder it took me so long to really start knitting. I'm a very novice crocheter, though, so we balance each other out beautifully. ;-)


  2. Oh Shannon! These are so pretty!!! I love fingerless mitts but I don't knit so mine were a treat i purchased - they are recycled cashmere! Lovely English firm called Turtle Doves. Very cosy!!
    I wish you and all the family a healthy,happy and loving New Year xxx

  3. Anna,

    Thank you! They were easier than I anticipated, which was nice. :-) Ooh, cashmere sounds lovely! What a brilliant idea to recycle cashmere garments.

    Thank you for the well wishes! May the Lord bless you richly in 2019, too!



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