Monday, November 25, 2019

All Bundled Up

When I undertook to outfit my children with much-needed winter gear, I suspected I might be a bit weary of knitting hats, scarfs, and mittens by the end. I wasn't wrong! But it was well worth a bit of tedium to keep them toasty in hand-knits this winter (and hopefully several winters to come).

I posted the almost-finished hats back in October, and happily the mittens proved to be quick knits. I've always been afraid of trying mittens for some reason, but the Tin Can Knits pattern was so easy. In fact, I'm considering trying a pair of gloves for myself! I kept it simple for the scarves, using a seed stitch for Rosa's to mimic her hat, and  mistake rib or no purl rib for the boys. They did take a bit longer, or perhaps it just seemed that way after knitting the same row or two repeatedly for several feet...

I've posted details of each project on my Ravelry page, so I wan't wax eloquent on the blog, but here are photos of each finished set -- just in time, too, because we had our first snow flurry today!


  1. Shannon,

    What a beautiful collection of hats, scarves and mittens! I loves the colors and the patterns. I am sure your little ones look adorable all bundled up in their winter wear together. : )


    1. Thank you, Sarah! Now if I could just convince the younger boys to *keep* their woolens on... ;-)



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