Friday, December 06, 2019

Fringe Hack in Check

I didn't waste much time making up another Fringe top, this time in a buffalo check rayon. I was tempted to pick the black-and-red colorway, but decided in the end that black and white would be much more practical with my hand-knit cardigan collection -- I have three or four cardigans that go with this, instead of just one. 

I made a few extra changes this time around. I raised the waistline about an inch, and also made it a bit straighter to keep the check from looking "wavy." Not sure if I like the higher waistline yet. I also altered the neckline so I wouldn't need a camisole underneath. That was definitely a success  -- but I may have made it too high! I think it works with the higher waistline, and the overall "lumberjack" feel, but I'll be fiddling with it again the next time I make this pattern. 

I shortened the skirt again, but not as much as my last Fringe since I was shortening the bodice. I found some sweet little black fabric-covered buttons in my stash, which worked perfectly! I also tried to be super careful with my pattern matching in places where it mattered -- like the center front. Fortunately, the pattern had a clear CF marking, so it wasn't too tricky to cut it properly. I'm so pleased with how precise it turned out! The shoulders weren't quite a good, but they did match up better than I expected.

It was really cold and windy when I snapped some photos (hello, crazy hair!), but it was a bit cozier in my White Pine cardigan and Lake Reed hat:


  1. Wow, Shannon, you look amazing! I remember you said that jacket was really hard to knit but the result is great. You are truly talented

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Elena -- you truly brightened my day! And yes, that was a particularly frustrating sweater... but now it is a favorite, and very cozy! :-)


  2. Shannon, you have done an incredible job with both the top and the cardigan. I am amazed at all of your creative accomplishments! I hope that you and your family have a peaceful and blessed Christmas! Sincerely, Alyssa


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