Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Here you'll find links to the various tutorials I've posted on my blog. Enjoy!

(Click on the text, not the pictures)

Great Expectations Maternity Tunic Pattern

Great Expectations Maternity Tunic Tutorial

A free pattern and tutorial for mamas-to-be who are looking for simple, modest maternity wear.

Frugal Baby Activity Gym Tutorial

A tutorial for creating a customized activity gym with a few inexpensive components.

Teacup Pincushion Tutorial

A simple how-to for turning a lonely teacup into a practical sewing tool.

Tiered Skirt Tutorial

Directions for drafting your own custom skirt pattern, as well as instructions for assembling a simple (and comfy) peasant style skirt.

Grocery Bag Dispenser Tutorial

A simple project to organize all of those stray grocery bags.

Ribbon Dispenser Tutorial

Use an inexpensive photo box to tame your rebellious spools of ribbon, while arranging them for easy access.

Please remember that all tutorials are for personal use only, unless otherwise stated or arranged. And while I'd be thrilled if you link to any of my tutorials, the text and photographs may not be reproduced in part or whole on any blog/website without permission. Thank you!

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