Friday, November 16, 2007

Embroidered Onesies -- Part 2

Having completed several onesies suitable for baby girls (see my October post, Embroidered Onesies), I turned my attention to several little blue onesies that I had in my stash. Carefully thrifted (in other words, having undergone rigorous inspection for stains or defects), they were simply waiting for the perfect adornment.

Here is the entire "collection":

Some noisy little ducklings:

A rather pleased-looking tortoise:

And my personal favorite, a little puppy in pure vintage style:

I have only one question: since this is my second entry about onesies, should it really be called "Twosies?" Hmm...


  1. Shannon, these are so cute! Are they gifts, or will you keep them for your hope chest?

  2. OOOO, Can I steal your idea? I love those, they are SO cute!!!!!!!!

  3. Laura,
    I do plan to keep these for my hope chest, especially since they are my first attempts! Besides, I'm none too keen on the idea of parting with them...I'm so glad you like them!

    Of course you may steal the idea -- although I must admit, since it wasn't my idea in the first place, I cannot claim any propriety right anyway! *smile*

    Yours in Christ,


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