Sunday, May 22, 2016

What's Wrong With This Picture

As I was re-sorting our stored kids' clothes, I ended up with a stack of shorts that will probably fit Laddie this summer. They are, stacked from top to bottom, size 9 mths, 12 mths, and 24 mths. All the exact same dimensions in waist and length, within a centimeter or so -- and they will all probably fit my 14-month-old. 

Stacked together, you can see how similar the sizes are -- and the largest pair
is probably the 9mth khaki shorts on top!

You'd think we could come up with some industry standard sizing or something...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Furry Friends

 I do so love the animals at Colonial Williamsburg -- cows, sheep, horses and what-not. Little Man scratched the nose of a little calf on a recent visit, which is a Big Deal for a boy that's a bit petrified of animals. Neither he nor Rosa were quite brave enough to touch the horse, but they eagerly scrambled around finding grass for me to feed him. Laddie, by contrast, smiles his biggest smiles when he sees animals, and becomes almost ridiculously excited when he's close to them!

I'd forgotten the softness and warmth of a horse's lips as they deftly gather the grass from an outstretched palm. On our next visit we wised up and brought about half a pound of carrots, which were very graciously received by our equine friends.

And no, he wasn't actually napping! But he does look so peaceful, doesn't he?

This snapshot is a few weeks old -- the trees are now covered with fresh leaves!

It's also lovely to have a more leisurely relationship with Williamsburg, now that it's a day trip (and one we can repeat as often as we like). We know where to park, where things are, and how much we can do in a day. There's no rush to see everything in one visit, which would be a hopeless task with three littles! A garden here, a house there. I ordered Mary Geddy's Dayso the Geddy house is on our list for the next visit. 

I'm so chuffed that my littles are learning to love Williamsburg as much as I do! Of course, it probably helps that we usually get a little treat at the shops (Chilled root beer is a favorite of mine, and on our last visit we also sampled some of the heritage chocolate). Little Man routinely uses words like "old-fashioned' and "old times" now, and I'm delighted that he's beginning to grasp a sense of history. 

And it's not uncommon for him to call out to a passing interpreter, "I like your outfit!"

For a mama with a fondness for historical costuming, that's a happy thought indeed!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Out of Doors

Sunshine, warmth, the most delicious fragrances wafting in on the breeze. Yes, it's Spring. The maple in our back yard has been showering us with clusters of "helicopters." The pollen is thick on the grass (bad news for my allergies! I gave up and bought some Claritin), so thick that I have to spray our windshield every time we go out just to see clearly. Our daffodils are blooming cheerily (pictures of those forthcoming!), and I've just discovered that we have bluebells by our back steps. 

We're still in temporary garden mode, but this year I'm trying my hand at a tomato plant. Here's hoping...

The weather is still finicky -- forty one day, seventy-five the next (no joke!) -- but on those golden, sun-kissed Spring afternoons... well, there's no better place to be!

Friday, April 01, 2016

A Different World

Sometimes, I wish I could see the world through their eyes -- a world saturated with wonder and endless possibility. A world where imagination is kindled by the slightest spark, and is never snuffed out by constraints like time, money, or "practicality." 

And yet, it's a world that can be completely overturned by the slightest mishap, from the "wrong spoon" to catastrophes such as bedtime. Sometimes I'm very glad indeed to be "all grown up."

Perhaps it's enough to catch just a little glimpse of their world now and again...

And where is this window to a different world? My favorite little corner of the gardens at the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg -- in fact, my Blogger profile pic is a snapshot in the same spot about 10 years ago! In reality, all that lies beyond is a pretty field -- but with the imagination... well, anything is possible!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Beside Myself

A few blooms in a jar -- the last survivors of a recent Trader Joe's bouquet, still going strong 2 weeks in. Perfect for my bedside table (beside myself, if you will), a bright little reminder of God's beauty every time they catch my eye. 

I don't often buy fresh flowers, but after seeing how far that little $4 bouquet stretched, it's going to be a more frequent occurrence in the future!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


.:. Daffadowndilly .:.

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet, 
She wore her greenest gown; 
She turned to the south wind 
And curtsied up and down. 
She turned to the sunlight 
And shook her yellow head, 
And whispered to her neighbour: 
"Winter is dead."

- A.A. Milne -

We must smell all of the flowers. Because every patch of daffodils might smell a little different, you know?

Hoping that you're enjoying some signs of Spring in your little corner of this earth!

Friday, March 11, 2016


Sometimes, it's time. I'd had this project in my mind for quite a while, but for a long time it wasn't the time.

Here's the inspiration: A West Elm Notice Board -- for some reason, I loved the way there were three clips on one board. Simple, clean, and actually great for organization. It seemed like the perfect spot for keeping invitations, coupons, and those other little papers that just aren't ready to be thrown away yet but don't really have a place.

We happened to have a scrap piece of plywood, so all I had to do was round the edges with the band saw, give it a good sand, and apply some stain and finish. I got the clips from Michaels -- by using coupons, I got 2 packages for $5. I even have a spare, should I ever need it!

At first I tried using epoxy to attach the clips, but the strain of the springs was too much. So I glued a thin panel of wood behind the clips (and one lower down, to balance it while hanging) and screwed through the board. Worked like a charm! I went the "professional" route by using a black sharpie to darken the wood screws I used... Hey, it was cheap and took about sixty seconds.

Already, this board has fulfilled every hope I could have had for improving organization! It's nice to have a dedicated spot for those miscellaneous bits and pieces, and I do love the "triple clip" look.

If only all of my projects were this inexpensive and easy!

Monday, March 07, 2016


We've had all the ingredients for Spring -- rain, sun, warmth. It's coming! In a few short weeks, the trees will be covered in new foliage, the flowers will be in bloom, the days will grow warmer. For now, we wait. 

I'm thrilled to see that some of the daffodils I planted with the kids in the fall are starting to come up -- only 11, so far. I know that because Little Man has scouted out each and every one! I estimate we planted about thirty to forty, so I'm hoping that more will come up soon and that we didn't plant them too late, too deep, too something. I've never had much of a green thumb, so I have my doubts. 

But there are signs of life.

There's potential.