Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Theological Disclaimer

Welcome to my blog! It is my hope and prayer that your visit here will be a blessing to you, and that the love of Christ will be evident in every post you read.

I usually confine my blog topics to sewing projects, tutorials, photographs, quotations, and little bits of everyday life. However, sometimes I do post on spiritual matters, and it is for that reason that I offer this "disclaimer."

1. It is not my intention to set myself up as any kind of spiritual teacher or guide. Titus 2 speaks of older women mentoring younger women -- currently I am in the position of one who needs mentoring, not one with the experience and maturity necessary to teach others!

2. The Internet offers no accountability. I choose what I post about myself -- therefore, any spiritual statements I make cannot be evaluated on the basis of my personal conduct. In "real life," you have opportunity to observe a person's conduct and character, and take that into account when listening to their advice. For instance, I would probably mistrust child-rearing advice from someone whose children are out of control! On the Internet, you do not have the luxury of seeing the outworking of a person's ideas and beliefs.

3. I seek to limit myself to personal application. Essentially, when I post about spiritual matters I try to share what the Lord has done in my life, rather than try to "convert" others to my specific doctrinal views. I share with the hope that my thoughts and experience may prove helpful or thought-provoking to those who may be reading, but not with the intention of bringing them around to my point of view.

4. "Internet theology" can be very dangerous. While I have personally benefited from many blogs and online resources, the Internet has also made it very easy for people to publish their religious ideas -- some of them are true, and some are quite dangerous. Scripture should be our guide for faith and practice, and the local church has also been ordained by God to minister the Word to believers. Every idea should be checked with Scripture, and it also wise to seek to the advice of Godly parents or mentors.

5. I do not intend to claim that my views are the only right interpretations of Scripture. I know there are many varying beliefs within the body of Christ, and I am not suggesting that my family's beliefs are somehow better than someone else's. While our family holds convictions based on what we believe the Bible to teach, I fully acknowledge that others will search the Scriptures and come to other conclusions. So please don't be offended if I present an idea contrary to yours, and please know that I am not seeking to condemn!

6. I believe in the Reformed Doctrines of Grace, perhaps best laid out in the Westminster Confession of Faith. This may be helpful to know when reading my posts, since this understanding of Scripture will naturally influence my writing.

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  1. Very well said. I think your disclaimer was explained with tact and grace (something that is quite rare in the blogosphere at times!).


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