Monday, December 03, 2007

The Attack of the Handbag Virus

A friend at church has recently been experimenting with making bags of various types, and she has been showing me her projects. Deciding that it might be a good way to use up some scraps, I purchased a bag pattern from Simplicity during a $.99 pattern sale. What I didn't realize was that bag-making is an extremely addictive craft -- as if I needed one more addictive craft! Here is the first result of my new addiction:

The pattern I used is Simplicity 9949. I was extremely happy with how easy it was to assemble. Of course, I had to change a few details, just to spice things up! I added a lining to both the outer pockets and the interior of the bag, eliminated the top zipper and used a loop and button instead, and used non-fusible interfacing for the body because I was using a medium-weight linen. Oh, I also added a cardboard liner for the bottom and covered it with fabric.

One of my favorite details about this bag (besides the six handy pockets on the outside!) is the fabric flower, which I made using the instructions that I found on Blair Peter's Wise Craft blog through a google search.

Did I mention that I like pockets? And top-stitching? And blue-and-white linen? And handbags? Well, I do -- just in case you were wondering! The fabric is courtesy of a lady in our church, (although it was given to me in the form of a skirt!). I am finding that having a reputation as a crafter comes in handy.

Now I have to go look through my scraps for more potential handbags...


  1. I too recently discovered bag making, I found a pattern on the internet and was surprised how easy it was. I could easily make so many! At least bags make good gifts, especially with Christmas coming up.

    The one you made is so nice, it looks like it could also be made to be a baby bag, especially with all the pockets. Hmm, and I have a friend who is soon going to have a baby . . . that gives me an idea! :)

  2. Your bag is so cute! I love it!
    Cherry_Ames from Sensibility.


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