Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fresh From the Garden

Recently our family has become more "food conscious," thinking about what ingredients we're using and trying to reduce our intake of processed foods. This shift in perspective coincided with my sister's and my desire to have a vegetable and herb garden this year. With the help of our father, our garden is now flourishing.

I raided the green beans yesterday for lunch; they've already supplied us with beans for four meals, besides the random beans I pick when I'm outside.

It just doesn't get more organic or more local than this. Now that's peace of mind.


  1. How neat!! Oh, I can't wait to have a yard with a garden... :)

  2. Seeing your post about gardens, and since you have beans pictured...I just had to share with you my favorite song.


    By the way, I love visiting your blog.

  3. Just a little note to let you know that you have won an award over at my blog:


  4. Yummy! I like your new header! It's such a pretty pink.

  5. Yum -- that last picture is making me exceedingly hungry. :-)

  6. Lauren Christine, we have a tiny little garden on the side of our house -- my dad had to bring in quite a bit of topsoil because of our sandy soil! :-)

    Jami, thank you for posting the song! I enjoyed it!

    Cheri, I've posted over on your blog, but thank you! The award was such a pleasant surprise!

    Maria Pauline, thanks! I made my header in Paint using the colors from the background (there's a link to the site where I got my background at the bottom of my blog).

    Laura, I wish I could share some of them with you :-)

    Yours in Christ,


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