Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gores and Godets

In search of a new skirt pattern, I came across McCall's 5274 (now out of print). I made a few minor changes that I found absolutely necessary -- first of all, no seam allowances on the outside! I have taken great pains throughout my life to avoid having my seam allowances show, and I do not plan to change this now. Also, no fluttery inserts or sheer godets. Just plain and straightforward.

I have an ankle-length khaki skirt, but I wanted one a bit shorter that would be cooler in Summer and would be more practical for outdoor Summer activities. This skirt is about mid-calf-length, and it fits the bill perfectly.

The fabric was a $2 a yard poly-cotton blended that I found at Wal-Mart. It's a heavy fabric that suits this skirt very well. I measured the width when I brought it home, and discovered that it was a whopping 72" wide! I think I have enough for a jacket this fall.

I'm glad that this skirt was casual enough for a machine hem, because that hem was long. Very long!

A serged seam is a thing of beauty; a thing of beauty is a joy forever; so a serged seam must be a joy forever! I love my serger, and can't imagine life without it. Of course, it hasn't always been this way -- I came close to throwing it out of a second story window several times before I discovered the itty-bitty problem (one of the threads wasn't pulled correctly into a tension disc) that was messing up the whole stitch. Live and learn.


  1. Beautiful! It looks like it has such a lovely, flow-y drape to it.


  2. Cute and practical... and feminine! I think godets make such a pretty skirt.

  3. Oh very pretty! And you're right...that serged seam is just beautiful! It makes me re-visit the thoughts of getting a serger...hmmmmmm :)

  4. We have a serger that we have not gotten the tension right on... Might have to get it fixed.

    Could you recommend some blouse and skirt patterns? I need a sewing project and yours always look lovely. You can email me if you like. :)


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