Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Inspired by Lauren Christine's adorable cotton petticoats, I decide to give one a try. I used Simplicity 5914 and made the view that is used in the picture. My serger came in very handy for this! Both the waist and hem are simply serged, pressed over, and stitched down. Just before I did the hem I decided to look in our trim stash, and sure enough there was some narrow eyelet! I simply stitched it on as I sewed the hem and it worked out perfectly.

I think next time I make a petticoat I'll use a pattern that gives more ease in the hip area, but this will be perfect for skirts that aren't quite as flowy. With summer coming on quickly, light, breathable cotton sounds wonderful!


  1. It turned out lovely! I'm so glad you found the eyelet... it always looks so sweet peeking out from under the skirt!

  2. It's so pretty! I love having eyelet around the bottom... so that if you do have your petticoat peek out, its just as lovely as can be! :)


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