Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Over the past few weeks we've been enjoying the pleasures of free organic fruit. The empty lots in our neighborhood are covered with blackberry vines, which have been particularly productive this Spring.

Deliciously ripe black berries, tender to the touch and bursting with flavor (and very red juice!). Once the various spiders, bugs, and creepy-crawlies have been sorted out, they are ready for use. To date we've had four blackberry crisps and numerous garnishes (that's about seventeen cups of blackberries total).

While they may appear to be free, there is one cost:

This particular vine, which lured me in with its one-inch berries, also sported half-inch thorns. Ouch! But the scratches heal (eventually), and they are hardly enough to keep us from gathering berries. With a crisp in the oven right now, it's just about time to gather more!


  1. Ouch indeed! But those berries look yummy :)

  2. My mom just planted some blackberry bushes this spring; perhaps next year we'll be able to experience delicious home-made blackberry crisp, too!

  3. I have to agree with Lauren!
    Making a home-ade blackberry crisp, with berries that you picked, does sound yummy! :)

  4. Sounds yummy! A few scratches have to be worth those delicious sounding desserts...☺


  5. Yuummm. . .my husband and I have gone to pick wild blackberries each June in a park near here. The vines grow on the edge of the open meadow/field and not many people go out to get them, due to the poison ivy! The first year I wore a skirt to pick the berries and got covered with it. I was smarter the next year and wore overalls. :)

    I can't wait til ours here are ready! A crisp sounds SO good right now!

  6. Yummy! Blackberries are one of the few berries I have never picked.


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