Thursday, July 17, 2008


A trip to JoAnn's just wouldn't be complete without fabric. While I've been able to resist buying anything recently, the recent 50% off sale on Red Tag fabrics was beckoning.

Embroidered burgundy corduroy: $4.50 per yard.
Tan and burgundy Premium Quilter's Cotton: $3 per yard
Having two wonderful fabrics for Fall: Priceless!

Besides, by the time I get around to using them, they'll have been in my stash long enough to count as "free!" *ahem*


  1. Ooo! Pretty, Shannon! I can't wait to see what you create with these additions to your "stash". :) From what I've read, a fabric stash is comparable to a sourdough starter -- needs to be fed regularly to keep it alive.

  2. LOL! Love the last sentance! =D How well I know!

  3. Hi Shannon
    Any ideas what you'll be making with that beautiful fabric?

  4. I refuse to neglect my stash! It would just be criminal to do so ;)

    I'm thinking that I'll make them up into skirts, but I haven't *quite* decided yet! If I come across a pattern that I simply have to make, my plans might change!

    In Christ,

  5. Hi!

    I love gazing at fabric, but it is so expensive. It seems like everyone else but us gets their beautiful fabric off of the dollar rack. Or, maybe, I just don't see the pretty fabric among all of the uglies.

    Most of the fabric I get, is given to me, which has actually produced some pretty good results! Now I just need to make something with it all.

    Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
    Miss Eyebright


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