Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Writers

"Once upon a time in the dead of winter in the Dakota territory, Theodore Roosevelt took off in a makeshift boat down the Little Missouri River in pursuit of a couple of thieves who had stolen his prized rowboat. After several days on the river, he caught up and got the draw on them with his trusty Winchester, at which point they surrendered. Then Roosevelt set off in a borrowed wagon to haul the thieves cross-country to justice. They headed across the snow-covered wastes of the Badlands to the railhead at Dickinson, and Roosevelt walked the whole way, the entire 40 miles. It was an astonishing feat, what might be called a defining moment in Roosevelt's eventful life. But what makes it especially memorable is that during that time, he managed to read all of Anna Karenina. I often think of that when I hear people say that they haven't time to read."

~ David McCullough, "No Time to Read?"

With this in mind, I have brought along Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman on our trip. I've read part of it before, but never got to finish it. This time I am determined to read it entirely! It is so much nicer reading first-hand accounts than dry repetitions of dates and names.

And since Roosevelt had his hefty tome while crossing the Dakotas, I thought I should have mine, too!

I agree with McCullough -- there's always time to read!


  1. How very true! He made his point very well.

  2. Okay, so that's vaguely depressing. Depressing... Convicting! Uh, embarrassing. Instead of making excuses, I should just come right out and admit, "I haven't felt much like reading lately."

  3. I have read Sarah Morgan's diary, although its been years now since I have. . .I completely agree about the niceness of reading first hand accounts!

  4. Oh, the book you're reading, sounds like something I would like to read! :D

  5. That's intense! I like that story.

    So can we expect a book review when you return? :-)


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