Monday, November 17, 2008

Keepers of the Bookshelf

I can't bear the idea of letting my book collection go unprotected! So I have left it to the care of four stalwart maidens -- who better to guard a bookshelf than some of literature's dearest sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy?

I am not much of a "figurine" person, but when I saw these delightful Tasha Tudor renditions of the March sisters at a local consignment shop, I thought them delightful! My dear mother and sister gave them to me as a Christmas present several years ago, and they have guarded my bookshelf ever since.

My sister presented me with Meg and Jo -- the two of us have always found ourselves sympathetic to those characters (although I long ago outgrew my tom-boyish tendencies -- though I still share Jo's love of books and writing).

As I putter about the sewing room I am listening to "Little Women" on tape, on loan from the library. It has been quite a long time since I last read it, and I always forget between readings how refreshingly wholesome it is. Just like a breath of the crisp, cool air that is my delight during these glorious Autumn days.


  1. How sweet they are! I absolutely love Little Women and am constantly reading it. As soon as I finish it, I begin again, and read a few paragraphs every time I'm in my room! :-) I am presently reading Louisa May Alcott's journals.
    ~Tiffany Hope

  2. They are absolutely precious!
    I have my own ideas of what I think Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy to look like but these come pretty close! They are so sweet! I cannot get over how wonderful they look in front of antique books, too!

  3. They are so pretty!
    I love Little Women too (and its sequels). :-)

  4. Beautiful figurines, Shannon!

  5. Those are lovely! I really like the one of Beth and Jo.

    I just watched last night the 1933 version of Little Women with Katherine Hepburn...good but not my favorite. Although, Hepburn makes a great Jo! I only recently read the book and just love it.

    Lots of love,

  6. Ohhh, my goodness...

    Those are beautiful!

    Jo is a heroine in my eyes. She conquered her feminism, didn't marry until she knew that the right man had come, and wrote!!!

    Hannah L.

  7. Those are gorgeous! Where did you get them?

    Katie - S&S

  8. These are such treasures! They complement your antique book collection marvellously. What a joy it is to have beautiful things. :)

  9. Oh, how sweet! They do look a lot like I'd imagine the March girls.

  10. Those are very cute! I love Tasha Tudor, and Little Women. What a great find!

  11. What a treasure! How nice to display them with your books. Thank you for giving us a look!

  12. Adorable. I recognized each instantly, thought that actually isn't too difficult, is it?

    You have certainly chosen some good keepers for your library. Some people wouldn't even dare take a book off for fear of bumping one onto the floor!


  13. Oh! That is so sweet!

    -Christine from Arizona


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