Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saving a Bundle

While I'm not a fan of the huge Black Friday rush after Thanksgiving, I did venture out this year because of the JoAnn's sale! I spent $33 and saved $198 -- thanks to incredible sales and an extra 20% off.

Not only did I find some fabulous fabric for a winter coat (which I've been wanting to make for some time!), but I also took advantage of the Butterick pattern sale and got enough scrapbook paper to give my cashier carpal tunnel! *grin*

I was expecting to have a long receipt, but I wasn't expecting it to be 46" long. I decided it was worth photographing, since it's by far the longest receipt I've ever had!

I hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving celebration, and safe travels if you ventured out for some shopping on Friday!


  1. The sales were *very* good, weren't they?! I spent a bit more than you, saved a bit less, and had a little bit shorter recipt, but I'm very happy with my purchases! I'm glad to see you made out well, too! :-)

    Olivia, Miss Howard on S&S

  2. Whoa!

    Sadly, I missed all the sales, since I was working the retail Black Friday.... *sniffles* However, I AM exhausted! What a weekend! Phew!

  3. Wow! What a deal! I was so tempted to go Black Friday shopping at JoAnns too, but I'm one of those people who doesn't like waiting in a big ol' long line to get my fabric cut and then another one to pay for it. =P It was worth it for you though! I don't think I've ever had a receipt that long and under $100 before!

    Happy sewing!


  4. Hi Shannon
    I too,went shopping, sure enough
    great sales, in all the stores!
    Hope you post a picture of your new coat when your done. Looking forward to seing it.
    Happy sewing.

  5. Both your savings and the receipt are very impressive. Good job!

    The photo really helped understand just how big it really is.

  6. Wow! Now that was an awesome shopping trip! Can't wait to see what you make :-)

    Lots of love,

  7. Hello Shannon,
    Yes the Black Friday sales were really good! JoAnn's was the first place we went, and we saved quite a bit.

    When we used to go out of town for couponing, we would come home with several long receipts like that one (sometimes even longer!).

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I hope that yours was a lovely one as well!

    Miss Emily Rose

    P.S. I added your Etsy shops to my favorite shops. ;)

  8. Wow-that's a LOOOOOOOONG list!
    We took advantage of the sales at Michaels. My sister at the Family Christian Book Store saved almost fifty dollars!
    I spent almost all my money, saved a few cents (almost literally), had a receipt about a third of that size but all my Christmas gifts just need to be made! All the materials are bought-even wrapping paper and tape. :)

  9. Whoa, congratulations on your fantastic savings! Can't wait to see your winter coat. (Your skirt in the photo is extremely pretty, by the way.)

  10. thats amazing! i should have done that, haha. i love your skirt!

  11. It took a lot of self control for me not to venture out, but I am trying to work through my stash. Your skirt is beautiful! Is there a pattern number you could share?

  12. All the girls in my family got up very early to go to breakfast and then to JoAnn's. So much fun, but what lines!!! :-O I did get some lovely fun things, though not nearly as many as you! I just love your skirt...what pattern is it? I just made a tiered skirt from your tutorial and I *LOVE* it!!

  13. My Mom and I went to JoAnn's on Black Friday, too. It was super busy! But I got lots of good deals to make up for standing in line for over three hours. :-) I can't wait to see your coat!

    P.S. Your skirt is very pretty!

  14. You only spent $33? Wow. That's quite an accomplishment. Can't wait to see the results...


  15. My goodness, I've never seen a receipt that long! Sounds like you had fun at the sales!


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