Monday, January 19, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know that I love antique buttons?

Did you know that the only thing I love better than antique buttons is a whole stack of antique buttons?

Did you know that mermaids have bobbed hair and look suspiciously like flappers?

Did you know that you're supposed to listen for a "click" when you do up snaps?

Did you know that the best way to display shirt buttons is to offer a representation of what they'll look like on the shirt...

...complete with enormous cuff buttons?

Did you know that red is a fabulous color for buttons?

Did you know that there's nothing cuter than a card of 3/16" buttons?

My sweet mother found a $5 bag of antique buttons for me at our local charity shop, donated there by an antique store that went out of business.

Did you know that I have the best mother in the world?

Well, I do!


  1. What fun! I really like vintage buttons too. A friend of mine just started making bracelets from her vintage buttons. She is going to make one for me with the buttons from my collection. She makes custom bracelets if you are interested. All you do is send her your buttons and she creates beautiful jewelry for you!
    You can see some of the ones she's made here:

  2. Absolutely darling! Now whenever I see antique buttons, I'll think of you. =)

  3. I just saw an article, in a old issue of Martha Stewart LIVING, with instructions on how to make lovely greeting cards with old buttons. Some looked very similar to those you posted of the gentlemen with real buttons down the front and at the cuffs. What fun!

  4. Ooo! So nice! That's a great bargain find! I love the representations of the buttons on the shirts! So funny! Those cuff ones are hysterical! Thank you for sharing your find with us!


  5. Oh how lovely!! Those red ones are simply perfect. :)

  6. Did you know that I'm not at all surprised? I've never actually seen old buttons on old button cards.

    Do you know what else is fun? Old button collections, the kind my grandmother or great-aunt kept.


  7. Cute post! antique buttons are fun aren't they?! :-)

  8. Lovely post! I don't think I've ever see antique buttons like that, on paper. the illustrations are so nice!

  9. OH! I love anything antique. My mom inherited from her grandmother and great-grandmother huge mason jars of old buttons. We use the buttons regularly! :) And we keep the country-charming-looking jars out on our antique end table because they look so sweet. :)


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