Monday, February 02, 2009

Echoes of a Martial Past

This past Saturday our family visited a local fort, built only a few decades before the Civil War.

From the land, the fort is practically invisible until you stumble into the 20-feet deep dry moat. The inner fort is surrounded by a scarp gallery which offers defense on all sides. The bricks for the arches were hand-filed. It was cool and peaceful in the empty passage:

Through one of the rifle slots you can see the water battery, which was designed by the Spanish to control the bay beyond:

Set into the hill on the other side of the moat is another gallery, whitewashed and sunspeckled:

An underground passage leads from the center of the fort to the water battery.

When they say "dark" and "steep," they mean it! There is no lighting in the passage to help you maneuver the mixture of steep grade and steep steps.

But fortunately, we made it to the other side without incident! There's quite a bit of granite at the fort, used as a base for the cannons to swivel on. There's enough to make a very nice kitchen countertop...

It's fascinating to see how military defenses were built two centuries ago. Considering that this fort has lasted almost two hundred years, I think its designers and builders deserve some credit!


  1. Neat! I love history stuff! Thank you for sharing! I have never been to a civl war
    fort before (even though we do have one somewhat nearby). Wow! It IS really well made! That cannon is great! I am glad you had such a great time!


  2. Wow, what a neat fort! I love stuff like that! I am not a big history buff, but the writer in me and the artist in me can't help but get excited by sites like that! I could sit there for hours if I had the chance! I don't have to have anything to do either! LOL!

    Love in Christ,

  3. Where's the snow?

    Old buildings are such fun, especially churches and forts and wealthy houses...


  4. Jessica, I know what you mean -- we didn't rush, but I could have happily stayed much longer than we did!

    LOL! Maria, we were just lucky to be wearing long-sleeved shirts! ;-) It is finally starting to feel like "winter" down here, but I don't even dare to dream of snow!

    Yours in Christ,

  5. i love to visit that fort!
    i have visited it several times in costume & i know well the feeling of being in the chilly passages, & the thrill of running down the corridors in skirts.

    Gorgeous pictures(i love the one of the archways especially)


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