Friday, March 20, 2009

Deep Water

A necklace kit that I have long admired finally went on clearance. I couldn't resist, despite my lack of experience in jewelry making! I was amazed at how satisfying and how simple it was.

I love the colors -- blue, and gray, and green, the glorious hues of the sea in its varying moods.

Another crafting hobby? Well, I just don't have enough, you know. *ahem*


  1. It's beautiful! Blue is my favourite colour, so this is just gorgeous!! You did a wonderful job! :)

  2. That is a beautiful necklace Shannon! I love those colors too. :)

  3. It is lovely! Such a cool and refreshing look. It will suit you well.

    And I know what you mean about "not" having enough crafting hobbies. I mean, I certainly do not have less than four blankets in the process of being knit or crocheted, not counting the baby hat being knitted, and my sewing projects, and I did not think the other day, "Hm, I'd really like to try [insert new craft here]..." before coming to my senses and realizing that I could NOT start something new. I most certainly would never do any such crazy thing.

  4. It is beautiful! Jewelry making is so fun! Especially when you get to wear the final product, and everyone asks where you BOUGHT it! :P Lol!

  5. Very lovely! The colors of the sea . . . brings back memories of Sarah, Plain and Tall. :)

  6. Oh, Shannon1 that is beautiful, you did a great job! I love to make jewlrey. I like the colors of the sea. I agree with Simply Vintagegirl, it reminds me of the movir Sarah Plain an Tall!
    ~Miss Hannah~

  7. Thank you! :-)

    Serena, you had me laughing so hard! And I would NEVER think you were that crazy, don't worry. ;-)

    I have to admit, "Sarah, Plain and Tall" was on my mind! I love the film, and I just read the book the other day. It's brief, but delightful!

    Yours in Christ,


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