Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wedgwood Princess

After a long stint stuffed away into the sewing room closet, my linen princess-seamed blouse finally reached completion! I had gotten so frustrated with it that I had put it out of sight (though not always out of mind...). Imagine my chagrin when I found that the only real adjustment that I had to make was to remove the ties I had placed in the front bodice seams. Voila!

The fabric I used was a lovely Wedgwood linen (okay, it's more like slate than Wedgwood, but "Wedgwood" sounds so much nicer!) that I rescued from an outdated thrifted dress. Linen is so beautiful, but I do find it a bit difficult to work with -- somehow I always end up with lots of ease.

I used the bodice of McCall's 3571 as my base, although my blouse hardly resembles the pattern -- no "V" in the back, longer all the way 'round, side zipper instead of buttons. The biggest change I made was to add "petal" sleeves, I look I love but had never tried before.

I decided I wanted a V-neck, so a thrifted curtain sample (honestly, what makes Wal-Mart think to donate their old curtain samples?) served as an almost-free embroidered inset.

I do love projects that turn out just right without any fuss, but I think I have a special place in my heart for all of my rescued "disaster" projects.


  1. What a pretty shirt! The petal sleeves are delightful - such a feminine look. How resourceful you are when completing sewing projects… you’re an inspiration!

  2. Really beautiful, I love how you did the sleaves. Clarice

  3. Shannon,

    The blouse is lovely. The insert adds just the right touch :)


    Lady M

  4. It's lovely, and so flattering! Definitely a Wedgewood blue! ;)

  5. It's wonderful! The fit, the sleeves... I have yet to make a garment with a v-neckline, but I love what you did to make this modest. I'll remember your idea!

  6. I LOVE IT!!!! It is sooooooooooo beautiful!!!! The color is so pretty and I ADORE the sleeves! Great job!

    Auberne` Ancalimon @-`---

  7. Kristin Shoemaker4/21/2009 10:18 AM

    You sew beautifully! I wish we lived closer and that we were close friends so I could make you teach me how. Does Joanne's still offer classes?
    Mrs. Shoemaker

  8. How beautiful! The blue is gorgeous and I love the elegance the inset adds to the shirt!

  9. Simply elegant! ;)
    So modest and beautiful!!!
    Hope you are having a delightful day.

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  10. Shannon,
    Your blouse is lovely!! I really like the color and style. :)

  11. The shirt is so pretty! I especially love the colour! It turned out so beautifully! I love seeing all of your sewing projects! :)

  12. Lovely job! That color is so beautiful. The tulip sleeves are a great touch. How did you make them? I think I can sort of wrap my brain about how one would set about making them, but it'd be slightly easier to hear about it from someone with experience. :-)


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