Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coastal Currency

A stroll on the beach yesterday yielded some delightful rareities:

It's so difficult to find intact sand dollars on the beach! But these four were just sitting there, washed up by the surf and patiently awaiting discovery. The smallest is about the size of a quarter:

But even aquatic dollars have a cost -- in my case, what my sister would call a "Vitamin D overdose." Lobster, anyone?


  1. I have found two before but they broke really easy.

  2. Those are lovely finds! When I was a girl vacationing in Florida, I always looked so hard to find whole sand dollars on the beach, but I usually had to be content with fragments. When we visited Nokomis, it was fun to put on goggles and see lots of live sand dollars on the ocean floor. They are such interesting creatures.

  3. Oh, those are pretty! I'm sorry about your "vitamin D overdose"! Neutragina (sp?) (or if you have a WalMart near you the generic version is even better!)makes a face cleanser that comes in a blue tub. It is the last thing you would think to put on a sun burn, but the bottle claims-I and I second!-that it is wonderful for sun burn. It takes the pain and leaves you all cool and tingly!

  4. I've always wanted to find just one perfect sand dollar! Four is amazing! So pretty, and I think worth the sunburn. ;)

  5. I love your whole "dollars"! I still can't believe you found them after I've been looking for so long.


    (it actually takes me 2.73 seconds to make my bed, but I rounded up to 3 ;-)

  6. Beautiful finds! ;)
    God's creation is indeed

    Love & Hugs~ Miss Jen

  7. I lived in NC for 2 yrs and loved finding sand dollars. But your right they are a rare find, but oh so beautiful.
    On my honeymoon I got vitiman d overload super bad, all the way down to the bone. It was hard to even put clothes on let alone rub aloe into it. The only things I found that worked for me was diluted apple cider vinegar soaked cloths and just set them on my back. Or to do the same thing with tea, after it's cooled of course.


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