Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You've Got a Friend in Me

So just where was I last week? My absence had an excuse, I assure you! I was hanging out with some new friends:

Yes, I have a diverse group of friends -- but they all live at the San Diego Zoo!

I'll be sharing some more pictures from our trip over the next few days, because San Diego is just too beautiful not to share!


  1. I knew exactly where you'd been when I saw the flamingo--when I was about 4, I went to the San Diego Zoo, and all I remember are the flamingos and the tortoises, so I associate flamingos strongly with that zoo. Of course, knowing you've been in California recently helped, too. ;)

    I'm looking forward to more pictures!

  2. Lovely....
    isn't God's creation marvelous?!
    Your were close to were I live!! :)

    Blessings~ Miss Jen

  3. Oh, I love the San Diego zoo. I haven't been to a good zoo since we moved from California. But the San Diego Wild Animal Park is the BEST! I'm so glad you got to go. Mum and Daddy's philosophy has always been, "Why go to Disneyland when you can go to a zoo and see things that God made?"

  4. One day, I would love to visit the San Diego zoo. The koala is just so cute-you did a good job "capturing" him or her. In case you're wondering how I came across your blog, it was through Olivia's profile. If you'd like, stop by my blogspot.


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