Monday, December 14, 2009

Bridal Festivities

About a month ago, the sweet ladies in our church hosted a bridal tea for me -- what a memorable, special day! I'm trying to savor these once-in-a-lifetime moments, these precious times spent with my dear friends and family. Like the devotional that a friend of ours gave at a shower that she hosted for me: knowing that I had heard and studied the traditional Bible verses on marriage many times before, she focused instead on what she had learned from marriage. It was Biblically grounded, practical, and absolutely invaluable!

I'm grateful for the community of Godly women who have supported and encouraged me, who have taught me so much over the years without even knowing it.

One word? Blessed.

Thank you to my sister for the first photo in this post!


  1. Your wedding date is quickly coming:) What a wonderful tea party they put together for you!!

  2. What a lovely shower. It will be something you will always remember. That punchbowl is exquisite!

    Joy to you,


  3. Hello!

    I awarded you. Please see my blog to get the award. :)


  4. I linked over to your blog from Ah, the Life on facebook.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!



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