Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Taste of England

A little British imports store that I noticed "by chance" proved to be a wonderful discovery -- in the form of a cold can of Ribena. If you've never tried black currant, you're missing out.

Luscious, fruity deliciousness, with just a hint of fizz. Pablo claims it tastes like medicine, but I prefer to compare it to ambrosial nectar. When I'm in a philosophizing mood, that is.

To my dismay, the shop was out of Bassett's Jelly Babies (which to my mind are the most whimsically delightful candies of all time), but the store owner promised that they'd have more in soon.

Oh, how good it is to have a little taste of England once more!


  1. Oh... that sounds really
    good, Shannon! Yum!! :-)

  2. Wow - I've never actually had Ribena in a can. It tends to come still, and in cartons over here, but thinking about it it would be lovely sparkling too! You can also get it as a cordial to add water too - but it's quite expensive, so when I was a child my Mum would only buy it for us if we were ill, sort of as a treat to cheer us up - so maybe it works as a medicine too ;-)

    I love jelly babies - yum!

  3. Tastes like medicine? You must have wonderfully good tasting medicine in the States!

    When you are next in England, you must try the Strawberry Ribena. My favourite!

  4. I'm with Pablo on this one! :-P

    I sometimes like to stop by the International aisle at the grocery store to see if my favorite British treat, McVittie's caramel digestives, are on sale. Totally yummy!

  5. What a fun discovery! I was at a local kitchen store recently, and found that they carry LOTS of British things. Have you ever tried Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire tea? A friend tells me that it's a step up from PG Tips. The next time I'm in it, I'll be sure to look for the things you posted about!

  6. Yum! I remember that from visiting my now-husband when he was studying in Britain. *Sigh* - England is lovely!


  7. We have Ribena in Australia, too, but I haven't seen it in a can like that.


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