Monday, August 30, 2010

Unpacking the Teacups

With most of the house in order and a tea coming up, I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to unpack my teacups -- the poor dears have been languishing in a box for almost two years, due to moves and marriage and more moves.

I held my breath while unwrapping each cup and saucer, hoping against hope that there would be no casualties. Thankfully, each and every one was safe and sound.

There are so many memories with my teacups -- some are gifts from friends and family, some are thrifted. Some are delicate, some are sturdy. One is a souvenir of a happy summer spent in Indiana, one was rescued from destined destruction. Some are new(ish), some are antique. Some are tiny, some are capacious. All of them are beautifully mismatched, and beautifully unique.

And they will almost certainly share their cupboard with other teacups in the future! Just what is it about a teacup that is so delightful?


  1. Oh, I LOVE your teacups Shannon! How nice that none of them were broken after all that moving about! ;)

    The blue one is my favorite.:D Such a lovely pattern on it! :D


  2. What a beautiful collection!! :) You are a splendid photographer. I love the blue one in the first picture ... it looks like a pattern I saw in Russia!


    PS: Doesn't unpacking take *forever*?? It's amazing how simply taking things out of boxes and organizing them can take so much time!!

  3. Your teacups are so beautiful! I love how you have captured the uniqueness and detail of the tea cups! :o)

  4. I love teacups so very much! The elegance and femininity of them is very lovely. So many beautiful patterns and flowers adorning the cups add such cheerfulness to a tea!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  5. I love teacups too...!

    I think I googled something a few weeks back and stumbled upon your blog...I have really enjoyed my visits. =)

  6. Beautiful collection. :-) I also love teacups, they are just so precious. And the fact that you can drink tea out of them, is even better in my opinion! Hehe


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