Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Going Natural

When the Fall decorating bug bit me last week, I started looking for ways to do some simple projects. I have tons of Indian corn from a Walmart sale a few years ago, but figuring out what to do with it is a different matter! I tried tying a few pieces together and hanging it from the front door, but it needed something else.

Something like a grapevine wreath. But at that moment I had no transportation, and no desire to shell out a few dollars for a wreath. What I do have is several miles of wild grapevines in the back yard.

All I needed for this project was a pair of garden shears, plenty of grapevine, and some patience (stripping the leaves off of a vine is not exactly a thrilling occupation).

This was actually much easier than I anticipated! Just wrapping the vines in a circle and tying them off with softer pieces of vine did the trick. As I progressed, I would alternate -- I'd bend one piece of vine in a circle along the wreath, and then I'd wrap the next piece of vine in a spiral around the wreath. Once the wreath had a little bit of body, I'd just insert the ends of the vines into the wreath to secure them.

My wreath is still a bit thin, but I was ready to call it a day -- I can always add a few more vines next year, if I want to. A few pieces of Indian corn and some raffia, and it was ready to go!


  1. That looks great! Way to make do!

  2. I'm loving the Indian corn, we don't have it up here.

  3. Oh it looks lovely! ;o) I have been thinking about making a grapevine wreath! Good to know it's not to hard! :o)


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