Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Different Sort of Piggy Bank

Shortly before Little Man was born, a kind bloggy friend sent a little package of baby goodies in the mail. Included was the sweetest little pair of knitted baby shoes. So sweet, in fact, that I just have to share them with you!

I love the shape, and the colors, and the little cuff, and the cozy wool. And they belong to the Only-Things-That-Will-Stay-on-a-Baby's-Foot club. Oh, how I love that club.

They're a different kind of piggy bank -- a perfect repository to keep tiny little baby toes safe, warm, and stylish.

And Serena, they get compliments *every single time* he wears them!


  1. Oooh how darling! Everything she makes is so lovely! I have nearly finished your baby gift, it should be on it's way soon! <3

  2. BABY FEET!!! Is anything cuter in the whole world????? I think not. What a precious gift!

    Much love,

  3. Awww, those are so adorable. His feet are so tiny! Love it!

  4. *SQUEAL!* I adore those booties! And that club you mentioned IS very elite...I hope your itty gentleman feels quite distinguished. :)

  5. They are great! Any idea what pattern they used? Baby boots can be so impractical!

  6. Those are so sweet!!! I love booties and baby shoes...and especially when the stay on!

    Cutest little feet :-)

  7. Oh, those pictures are SO much better than the ones I took! You can't beat such delicious little feet! I'm so pleased you like them and that they stay on.

  8. These are just adorable, they look nice and warm too:)

  9. I had a pair of similar style that a friend made and they are the best for staying on the feet. Those booties and a little blue cardigan were some of my favorite goods.

    Very cute! Wish I could knit.

  10. Aww! Serena, they are SO cute!

    BTW, Shannon, I have a made up name for your baby in my head. I don't know why, but since we don't know his real name, my breain has decided that his name is Michael.


    Anyway, "Michael's" piggy toes are very cute! :D

  11. Thank you for your sweet comments! I'm very much enjoying those sweet little toes :-)

    Anonymous, here's a link to Serena's page on (you have to join to see it, but it's free):

    Keri, it's so funny that you should come up with the name "Michael" -- I believe my sister was thinking (or still is thinking) of using that as Little Man's "code name" on her blog!



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