Wednesday, July 06, 2011

And the Living is Easy

Over the weekend we made the rather long trek to the beach, since it's been about two years since we've enjoyed the gorgeous waters of the Gulf Coast. We're just not beach people. But I've been hankering to get my feet wet for a while, and Pablo was kind enough to oblige me!

It was also Little Man's first time in real water (since his baths in our bathroom sink don't really count).

He wasn't too sure about the whole water thing -- but he sure looked smashing in his shark swim trunks and sleek shades. They showed off his rolls of chub to perfection. Oh, the chub!

Summertime is in full swing here in Florida, and the living is easy (in the shade).

Although there's nothing easy about getting the sand out of baby rolls as deep as the Grand Canyon. Believe me.


  1. This made me smile. Especially the part about getting sand out of baby rolls. :) Your little guy is just too cute!

  2. Oh, I miss that ultra-fat stage. ;) Little Man is so cute in his trunks! I'm glad you got to go to the beach.

  3. My my! He does look well fed! He is absolutely adorable, Shannon! Enjoy the summer. We are headed on a beach holiday soon, so if you have any baby beach advice, let me know!


  4. What a handsome little chap you have there, Shannon! :) It sounds like you all are enjoying him and the rest of the delights of summer.

    Blessings on your day!

  5. Hello Shannon,
    He is so adorable! I love his intent expression on his face while concentrating on the little duck. We only live 10 min. from the beach and we don't get there very often as well. Glad to see that you are all doing well.
    Mrs. Hope

  6. How fun! :D Looks like a great family trip. Yes, I'm not too fond of the beach myself. ;) But it's nice for a visit on occasion!

    Oh! I was just thinking of you this past week and thinking your little guy must be getting so big now! :) He is such a little cutie! :D HeHe! Yes, I love chubby babies...they're the best! ;) Had to laugh at the sand in the baby rolls...too funny! ;D Lol! I remember having that trouble with my brother's when they were little too (or dirt instead of sand as was the case at times too!). :)

    It was nice to get an update from you dear!

    God bless you and your family!

  7. Okay, baby rolls make me smile :)

  8. Hello, Shannon,
    Your Little Man is a gift of a boy! Such big blue/brown (?) eyes! I am 59~way too old for another baby, but it sure makes me remember holding and caring for a chunky and totally healthy 1 year old. We had to wait 19 years :) So, Our Lord is good (even if we were not able to have children)! We loved Sanibel, but had to give up trips there when our young boys pointed out the girls dressed immodestly:/ What a joyful time!


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