Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For a Friend

Botanicals on the outside, a bit of Pride and Prejudice on the inside, and plenty of space for thoughts and dreams.


  1. Beautiful!!!! Will you make such notebooks available in your store anytime soon?

  2. Lovely! Could you possibly post a picture of the inside cover, or at least tell us how you attached the paper on the inside? I have been trying to make journals like that, but I've been getting a bit stuck at that point! What kind of journal did you start with?


  3. Well, this reply is shamefully late; I have no idea why I'm so bad about replying to comments! At any rate, Jacinta, my shop is currently close, so there's that. And Tiffany, I folded the paper around the edge of each cover, then used a rectangle of paper (a page from Jane Austen, I believe) to cover that. It makes a nice, clean finish. I used a random journal from Michael's (it was black with an initial on the cover).



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