Thursday, July 28, 2011

Repurposed Magic

My mom traveled back for a visit a few months ago, bringing with her a delicious treat from New Zealand -- Pavlova Magic. It's a powdered mix in an egg-shaped container. You whip it up, bake it, and enjoy! This stuff is meringue extraordinaire! Crispy like baked meringue on the outside, soft and spongy like angel food cake on the inside.

If you really want to taste one, you can. You can buy one on Amazon, but it will cost you a hefty $24 once you pay for shipping! Not exactly a bargain for those of us... Up Over? What is the opposite of "Down Under," anyway?

Regardless, what we discovered is that once you've enjoyed your Magic, you can re-use it! With a wooden ring (too big to be a choking hazard) secured inside, it can take on a new life as a baby toy.

I can't be sure, but I think he has dreams of being a quarterback...

Thanks for the Pavlova and the idea, Mom!

By the way, I am told by my New Zealand contacts that the Pavlova originated in New Zealand. Apparently Australia has some delusions about taking credit for it...


  1. That's a perfect description, Shannon! Hmmm, making me hungry for one now. :)

    Yes, don't let those Aussies get any delusions about where the pav came from. ;)


    btw, Did you know that I have the Cutest Nephew? :D

  2. I lived in Australia for 7 years (my husband is an Aussie)and, yes, they do say that the Pavlova is Australian. So, I will have to side with them. ha
    It is very yummy!

  3. Tiffany, I was aware of that! He is not very cheerful right now, not being convinced that it's time for a nap :-)

    I quite understand, Jessica! :-) Quite honestly, I don't care where Pavlova came from -- I'm just glad that *someone* came up with it! :-)


  4. I really must make a Pavlova sometime soon. It sounds so wonderful. Fiona looked at the picture of baby boy and said, "Oh, what a cute baby!" I concur. :)

  5. Mumsy aka georgette8/04/2011 6:09 PM

    Dearest Shannon,
    What great memories of eating Pavlova with one of my two sweet girls. I'm so glad that my precious grandson loves his Pavlova magic toy. It's so hard not to be too proud of that handsome baby boy and his parents as well.


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