Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Baby Gator

Pablo's undergrad and grad degrees are from University of Florida, so when our fellow UF alumni friends recently had a baby, I thought some team spirit was in order! Little Man has a matching set.

Little soft shoes in gator fabric with orange Ric Rac and suede-like soles, a (purchased) onesie with "UF" embroidered on the chest, and a burp cloth trimmed with more gator fabric and Ric Rac. All tied up in an orange bow. Of course.

Won't it be ironic if this little fellow goes to FSU?

For those of you who aren't in the loop (i.e., everyone not in Florida), there's more than a little rivalry between the two universities!

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  1. *sigh* You poor, deceived people...

    (Go Noles!)

    Jane Ellen


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