Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Skirting the Issue

As I've been trying to reconstruct my post-baby nursing-friendly wardrobe, I've discovered that I'm in desperate need of some new skirts. And since I've been blessed to find several good black shirts recently, I decided it was time to make something to go with them.

So I dove into my stash and came up with two rayon (I think) fabrics. I bought these about seven years ago off the Walmart $1-per-yard rack. I made a dress out of each fabric, and had a little over a yard left over. The dresses are long gone, but the fabric was patiently waiting for me.

So out with OOP Butterick 3262, and a bit of cutting and sewing later, I'm all set.

Light, flowy, and ruffled.

I love how simple this pattern is, and I also love the results.

Destashing, wardrobe-building, and sewing -- sounds good to me!


  1. That's wonderful Shannon! :D So glad you could find some things that will work for you! I love the skirt - it's so beautiful and yet nice and simple! :D

    God Bless!

  2. I love the skirts! Gorgeous! It is SO hard to find good nursing wear. I used to love dresses but am finding they don't work as well as a top and skirt/pants.

  3. Thank you for you kind words!

    Rachel, I'm definitely a fan of simple -- sometimes I like to dress it up a bit, but I love clothes that transition well for many occasions!

    Luci, I totally agree! Fortunately my closet was mostly separates before baby, so it hasn't been a huge transition -- BUT, I did find that button-up shirts just don't work for nursing (unless I wear them open over a tank). And most of the shirts I've made are button up. Go figure :-)


  4. So pretty! Thanks for the inspiration!


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