Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bridal Celebrations

A dear friend from church is getting married in a few short days, and the ladies in our church went all-out to prepare a beautiful bridal shower for her.

My friend Sarah made these little flags for the gourmet cheeses (I told you they went all-out!), which I just love:

I found this tutorial for paper flowers -- I actually didn't realize there were written instructions at the bottom of the tutorial, and figured it out entirely from the pictures! To me that indicates that the pictorial instructions were quite good!

I'm totally addicted to these now, and can see myself making many more of them! The origami folds are quite soothing for some reason, and after a few petals you don't even have to think about what your fingers are doing. They look great "blooming" on dried twigs and displayed in a recycled jar or bottle. The bride actually liked these so much that she plans to use these instead of the paper flowers she had purchased.

A lady in our church makes the most amazing cupcakes. Want proof? Here you go:

{They taste even better than they look!}

I brought Yvonne along for the occasion, draped in ribbon and antique lace and belted with a burlap-and-silk bloom.

The wedding will have a natural/metallic theme, so Yvonne also sported a little "Welcome" tag and a copper key.

Three of the paper flower "vases" were World Market natural soda bottles (I knew I saved those for a reason!), banded with ribbon and vintage 30's buckles.

I'm so thrilled for my sweet friend -- she is such a gracious and radiant bride-to-be, and I know she will be a godly and loving wife!

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