Monday, May 28, 2012

Maternity Tunic, Take 2

Well, the trials are complete. My 2nd version of my maternity tunic worked splendidly, and I'm ready to call the pattern finished. It's been traced and uploaded, and is now awaiting the finishing touches. And the instructions are done, minus the illustrations (I dread writing instructions, since I tend to try too hard to explain *exactly* what I mean). 

Look, Yvonne is expecting, too! *wink* This is my attempt at a "pregnant" dressform. Ahem.

I've been wearing this tunic all day, and it's so comfortable! I did take it off to add some belt guides (which I was too lazy to do when I made it), as the belt was having a tendency to sag. You can see a bit of the "sag" in the picture below.

A bit of braided embroidery floss has solved that issue, and the belt now sits a few inches higher with no finagling required. I love that this style flatters the figure, without being too tight, too revealing, etc. And while the armholes are a little "cut in," so far I've no problems with rogue straps making an unwanted appearance! Plus, the neckline doesn't gap, which is a huge plus when you're wrangling a toddler.

I've had this fabric for probably ten years. It's actually from a Talbot's skirt that I bought as a teenager -- even a decade ago it was outdated, and far too old a style for me to wear. I don't have any clue what I was thinking! But I loved the fabric, and the skirt had plenty of it. This is seriously the first time I've ever worn it. *wink* The contrasting white is a scrap of linen-look I had in my stash (just enough!), lined with white cotton muslin.

I have a few more fabrics to try this in, and I want to do a photo tutorial on constructing the garment, to go along with the pattern. Since I foresee making a bevy of these, taking a few pictures along the way should be easy. Seriously, this top goes together in under two hours. I'm also going to lengthen it and try making a dress. The lower hem is already wide enough to accommodate hips and a baby belly, so I think a little extra material will be all that's needed for a dress conversion. If it looks wonky, I'll just shorten it back to tunic length!

So hopefully I can finish this pattern up in the next little while, and get it all ready to download!


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  1. This looks great Shannon! I wish this had been available when I was expecting :-) I'd love to see it in a dress form too...I think it would convert to that nicely.

    As always, beautiful work!



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