Monday, August 27, 2012

Twice as Nice

With some friends expecting twins, it was time to indulge my crafty side once more. But with one of the twins being a boy, my crafty side needed a little kick start. Not that I have anything against boys -- on the contrary, I am very fond of the one I've been blessed with! But they *are* a bit more difficult to sew for.

Fortunately, the parents of these twins are vibrant and eclectic, and it didn't take long to figure out something that they would (hopefully!) like.

I am now of the opinion that suspender onesies with bow ties (or regular ties) are a must-have for baby boys. I did add some carefully secured buttons, since this is a 0-3 months size and little guy is not likely to have figured out how to try to chew them off by then.

Bow ties aren't very tricky, but I did make it easier on myself by finding a great tutorial. I think I ended up shortening mine quite a bit, since I didn't want it to stick out quite so far. Oh, and I stuck with needle and thread, and skipped the glue. Grosgrain for the suspenders, and voila!

For this little gentleman's sister, I did a bit of browsing and saw a number of necklace onesies for baby girls. Ric rac from the stash, some appliqued "beads," and a bit of grosgrain later...

And, of course, two coordinating pacifier clips. These are quickly becoming a go-to baby shower gift for me, because they're simple and so-very-useful. Notice the mustache pacifier? It took some tweaking and finagling, but in the end a piece of felt stitched around the pacifier rings did the trick. And apparently the little chap's mom has been looking for a mustache pacifier. Score!

Speaking of sewing for babies... I have a bit of that I need to do today for the current inhabitant of my bump!


  1. OH, oh, I just love these! I had to leave the shower early and didn't get to see these! You are such a giver and it just makes me so happy to see you indulge your creative side, to the delight of all your friends.

  2. Oh Shannon!!! I know exactly who these are for and I think they will love them!!! What a beautiful gift idea! I am so excited for them!! Awesome job!

    Shannon Mallory

  3. My heart is melted. I'm thoroughly impressed and extremely inspired.


  4. These make me laugh -- so cute! I wonder if you could somehow attach a monocle or pince-nez to the mustache pacifier...


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