Thursday, September 27, 2012


Perhaps cranberry pecan scones are not really must-haves, but when a friend gives you a jar of creamy, homemade lemon curd, they certainly seem like a necessity.

Crisp mornings are our first signs that Fall is on the way (though the sun quickly reminds us that Summer is not yet over in Florida), while my ever-expanding belly and bruised ribs heighten my anticipation to meet our little one in just a few short weeks. I really just can't wait to hold this baby in my arms! But before then there's plenty of nesting to be done, both the sewing/crafting kind (love!) and the cleaning kind (not so excited).

Not to mention answering a million questions of "Whazzat?" (What's that) from a certain curious and very lively toddler.

Now, on with the day, whatever it may hold in store. May yours be blessed!


  1. Your scones look delectable. I wish I was close enough to invite myself over. ;-)
    Not being entirely sure of your due date, I wondered if your blog silence meant Baby had arrived. I see there is still some time to go. Praying for a peaceful and joyful last few weeks, and a wonderful, smooth delivery!

  2. My day was even more blessed by this post from you. And the idea of those millions of whats that?!! from your Little Man made me smile! Those scones look like a must have to me. Blessings to you and yours. Faith


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