Friday, October 05, 2012

Easy Basket Makeover

 I have a chronic difficulty in seeing the potential in unwanted items. Some people seem to have an innate vision for what *could* be, and they end up with amazing creations that leave me dumbfounded with admiration. Because I would have sent that once-ugly-but-now-incredible item straight to the donation pile or the trash bin in a heartbeat. 

In fact, this little basket, purchased many moons ago on clearance, was headed out the door to the donation pile in our garage. Braided straw and pink are just not really my thing these days, and they certainly don't fit our home's style.

But for once, I had a little more vision than usual -- slight as my "transformation" was, it was remarkably satisfying to take a cast-off and give it a bit of new life.

It took a matter of minutes to unweave all of the straw and wood bits. I much prefer this simpler, cleaner look. Now just to figure out what to put in my useful-basket-for-putting-things-in...


  1. Love this! Never thought of doing a makeover like this but I will now!

  2. A basket like this might look cute near the changing table, holding burp rags, socks, or some other items that would be handy to have close by. Or a few favorite cds near the cd player. Usually I don't gussy up baskets like this, except for a ribbon maybe, but I do like the look of baskets for storing things in a neat way that looks good out in the open. :)


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