Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Stripes to the Max

A few weeks ago, a long-awaited package arrived on my doorstep -- an enormous bundle of knits from Girl Charlee! In case you didn't know, Girl Charlee sells gorgeous knits in various weights, colors, and patterns. Oh, and did I mention that their prices are amazing? At an average of $5-$6 per yard, I consider them extremely affordable! And I'm totally satisfied with each fabric I received (their cotton knit with spandex is a dream). At any rate, I now have stacks of knit in my sewing room, ready to be made into garments of various types. So prepare for a knit invasion on my blog over the next few weeks! Starting with...

Thumbs up for dorky smiles!

Remember when I mentioned that my closet has been in serious trouble lately? Well, this skirt is a major step in my closet rehab! The fabric is a lovely lightweight jersey, which will be perfect this summer. 

The pink shirt was a thrift store find, but I did take it in on the sides. Someone needs
to tell Jones New York that women aren't shaped like cylinders! *wink*

Notice how closely matched those stripes are on the side seam? They're not perfect, but they're pretty close! And I have to give my husband a quick shout-out for his stellar job marking the hem -- it actually looks a little uneven in that second picture, but I can assure that it's perfectly level in real life.

I looked at a couple of maxi skirt tutorials (which you can find on my "Sewing for Mama" pinboard), and ended up going with the tutorial from Mad Mim's blog. Overall, I was very satisfied with it! I misread the instructions, which resulted in way too much fabric at the hem, but fortunately I was able to take it in easily enough.

This project was fast, easy, and gratifying -- and every time I sew with knits, I gain a little more confidence! Poor little Rosa is in need of some new dresses, but after a bit of a hiatus sewing for myself, I'm having a hard time resisting all the opportunities in my new stash.


  1. I love it! And I will certainly have to check out your source for knits...I have been so disappointed with the offerings from Jo Anns and Hancocks - and they are certainly pricey. I too am just starting to venture into knit fabrics but I love the easy wear and care they provide. This skirt is absolutely darling! I love the stripes.

    1. Sarah Jane, I too am totally disatisfied with JoAnn's knit selection (we don't have a Hancocks down here) -- I recently made two skirts with their rayon knit, which has a wonderful feel, but both skirts already look so worn out that I really can't wear them anymore! And even at 50% off they were $6 a yard. And thank you for your kind words! :-)


  2. I don't see any dorky smiles -- just a beautiful mama! Great job on the skirt. It looks like a great transitional piece, and stripes are classic. I'm glad to hear you like the knits from Girl Charlee. I haven't placed an order yet but I may do so someday soon. I think knits are hard to order online because you really don't know what weight you're getting. Some lightweight knits can be too sheer and clingy to be practical. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects! (You seem to be on a roll lately, which is the opposite of me... I can live vicariously at least.) ;)

  3. Laura, yes, I'm hoping this will be a good transitional piece! I could see it lasting well into a pregnancy, and would certainly be comfortable afterwards.

    I'm terrified of ordering *any* fabric online, but the lack of local options drove me to it! Fortunately, Girl Charlee does a good job of labeling the weight of their knits, which is a huge help. The jersey for this skirt would probably be too see-through if it were a light color, but it works in black (and I'm used to wearing slips). The cotton spandex I ordered is thick and wonderfully stretchy, perfect for tees (though I did make a solid black maxi, and it's great for that, too -- just a bit heavier than this striped skirt).

    I'm actually just coming off a sewing "slump," myself, so rekindled desire to sew plus a genuine need for new clothes has made me a bit more productive than usual :-)


  4. I loved this when I saw you wearing it at church on Sunday! Stripes are such a neutral and bold statement at the same time. You continue to inspire me Shannon :)

  5. All I need to say is "LOVE!" I think jersey maxi skirts are so practical and comfy. I currently only own one, but its a staple in my wardrobe too. I will have to check out that website you mentioned for to make some more. Oh and your stripes look matched up to me. :) God bless!


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