Thursday, March 13, 2014


Realizing that Little Man's collection of bibs was being quickly outgrown, I decided it was time for a new one. As a matter-o'-facto, I have never made him a bib in the 3+ years of his life. All of his current bibs were gifts from friends and family. 

And thus, I began to brainstorm a bib design. I wanted to do something fun, since Little Man is actually very fond of his bibs (each one has a "name," based on its design, and he gets to pick out which bib to use for dinner). 

It wasn't long before I came up with the perfect design:

A Minion bib, of course! Ironically, Little Man has never seen either of the "Despicable Me" films (and Pablo and I have only seen the first). He does, however, love watching clips of the Minions -- particularly the "Bee do" scene. And the Minions, with their crazy, mischievous antics, remind my husband and I strongly of our little people (especially their love of bananas!).

At any rate, I managed to pull out all the necessary "ingredients" from my stash -- denim for the bib (reminiscent of the Minions' overalls), tan terry for the backing, navy bias for the binding, yellow fleece for the minion, grey knit for the "goggle," black linen for the mouth, white cotton for the eye and teeth, and some black grosgrain ribbon for the goggle band. Even more miraculously, I actually had all the necessary thread colors. The design was easy enough to draft, since Minions are comprised of rather simple shapes.

And thus, I set to work. There was a lot of Wonder Under and applique involved. Lots and lots and lots of zigzag -- I really felt quite dizzy by the end. *wink* Quite honestly, once I started, I couldn't stop! It's a good thing my husband was out of town when I made this, because I didn't wrap up until well after midnight. 

I filled in the iris area with brown thread, and added a flat black button for the pupil. And, of course, a bit of black zigzag for some "hair."

Sadly, my camera was broken when I finished it, so the pictures you see here are post-laundering (i.e., not exactly pristine). And yes, I admit to photoshopping a spot of syrup on the eye! 

It was quite a fun, if rather involved, project. But my efforts were well rewarded -- Little Man has picked this bib for every single meal since I made it. So much for increasing his bib collection! 

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