Saturday, April 19, 2014


During a recent shopping trip to JoAnn's, I purchased fabrics for three separate projects. But as I approached the cutting counter, I realized that all three fabrics blended in a particularly pleasing harmony.

The muslin on the bottom is for curtain lining, the teal linen is slated for a dress, and the bird print is destined for a knitting needle case -- though now I'm fairly certain I'll be incorporating remnants of the other two fabrics into the design!

The pattern for the linen is still undecided, but since I've wanted to make a linen tunic dress for months, I had to snap up this gorgeous teal rayon/linen blend as soon as I saw it. It's a bit more blue than it shows in the photo, and is scrumptiously rich and deep and dreamy. Very, very rarely do I decide to buy a fabric within five seconds of seeing it. Which is probably a good thing for my wallet...

 It has a beautiful hand, and I'm actually grateful for the healthy dose of rayon, which should make it easier to care for and wear. I've been longing to make the Wiksten Tova pattern (I love this version!) for some time, but since it's not nursing friendly, I'm hesitant to invest in a dress I (hopefully) won't have much opportunity to wear over the next few years. Perhaps a button-up tunic dress would be more in order -- something like this? I don't generally like button-ups for nursing, but I think I could make an exception!

Ah, the delightful possibilities. There's something lovely about the potential in an uncut length of fabric, isn't there?

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