Friday, April 25, 2014


I had a hazelnut themed breakfast a few mornings ago, completely unplanned. I was eager to try my little indulgence from the grocery store -- a jar of organic Italian hazelnut spread (i.e., "gourmet" Nutella), which I spread on some toasted sourdough. For me, a little culinary treat is an affordable luxury that has all of the (fleetingly) endorphic thrills of a more expensive item, without the financial guilt. Caloric guilt? Well, something's got to give. *wink*  

I paired my Nocciolata with Adagio's hazelnut tea, not even realizing the irony. Double the hazelnut, double the fun! The tea was a free sample that came with an order, and I was skeptical about a nutty tea. But the hazelnut flavor is perfect, and (to me) is very reminiscent of coffee. It's a great compromise for someone like me, who loves the smell of coffee but usually can't handle the taste. 

Not the most healthful breakfast, perhaps (though I did down a banana earlier in the morning), but sometimes a little comfort food is just what the doctor ordered. Or, more accurately, just what Shannon wants. And for the record, Nocciolata tastes exactly like Nutella -- which is a resemblance I can handle!

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