Friday, May 16, 2014


I've come to a realization of late. Namely, I love leather. The feel, the smell, everything. I'm aware that's a somewhat controversial fondness! But that's not a debate I intend to explore, especially since my leather use thus far has consisted entirely of scraps and secondhand pieces. 

This piece, for instance, was made from a scrap from a local saddle shop. They offer a grocery bag full of scraps for $5, though the shop proprietor insisted on my husband taking the bag for free when she found out he was military. 

I used this tutorial and template for the "magic braid" (I used the shorter, fatter template). However, having read a few magic braid tutorials in the past, I didn't follow the instructions too closely. Also, with no snaps on hand, I used an exacto knife to cut a rectangular button hole, and added a small metal button. You don't need a leather needle for such a small task if you just poke a few holes with an awl or other sharp, pointy object.  

The process was much easier than I imagined! The bracelet naturally "unlooped" itself. I did discover that it's not necessary to braid every last inch -- once you're done braiding and start to even out the braid, everything works out.

I have plans for some leather sandals; I can't wait to see how they turn out! Well, assuming I get up enough gumption to try...


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