Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Garden Variety

 A charming blue-and-white button up was calling my name at the charity shop, and for a dollar how could I say "no?" Especially considering that it's incredibly difficult to find tasteful floral fabric yardage (at a good price, anyway). I knew exactly how it would be used. In fact, I already had a pattern, drafted the last time I couldn't say "no" to a thrifted top.

I had plenty of fabric for my needs, and still have some scraps that will make their way into some kind of patchwork project. Though I came close to disaster when I forgot to reverse the pattern piece for the bottom band! I also had to recut the back bodice pieces when I discovered (after sewing the shoulder seams) that the stripes lined up, but were one pattern repeat off -- the flower stripes on one piece lined up with the medallion stripes on the other piece! It was in so obvious a place that I decided it must be remedied.

The contrast fabric was supplied by the creamy linen strips leftover from making a bottom sheet for our bed. Serendipitous, no? 

I opted for right-over left for the back, which is reverse of what I usually do -- I am actually quite perplexed about the "right" way to overlap the back edges of women's garments. I've seen it done both ways, and can't seem to find any consensus! Oh well, I suppose it's not really that important on the back of a garment.

Simple buttons for a simple dress. 

The sleeves were meant to be 3/4, but they ended up an awkward 7/8. I'll probably shorten them, as that seems the easiest solution! Lesson learned? Take the time to measure your child's arm instead of guessing the correct length. *cough*

Sewing like this -- using thrifted and scrap fabrics -- is satisfying on many levels. Not only can I indulge my love for sewing (which I half-jokingly, half-seriously refer to as my "therapy"), but I can clothe my littles for less than it would cost to purchase an equivalent garment. Or even a garment much less to my taste, for that matter! Is it any wonder that I just can't seem to stop?

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