Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Take a Bow

No, not a bow -- a bow! The hair accessory kind.

Somehow Rosa just never seems to have enough bows. This is absurd, because she has quite a few in various colors and styles. But with materials on hand and a fabulous pattern/tutorial from oliver + s, I decided to have a bit of fun.

The cream bow is wool felt, and the black and brown bows are leather. The brown leather bow is particularly handy, as it's currently her only brown bow (poor, impoverished darling!).

I won't lie -- I used hot glue to assemble the leather bows -- there was just no reason to sew them! This made them insanely simple to construct. I also covered the double prong alligator clips that I have with leather, for a more finished look.

I decided on a touch of hand stitching on the cream bow, a la oliver + s. Again, so easy to construct. I love making ribbon bows, but these are incredibly simple and have such a lovely shape. 

We've been having a merry time of late (hence fewer posts!), but I've just uploaded a slew of pictures, and hope to share some of our adventures soon!

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  1. Love, love these! There really are never enough bows around. My little one (she just turned 1!) has taken to touching the top of her head to see if there is one there. Usually it comes off in the process and she doesn't have the skills yet to replace it but she tries 😉


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