Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Who's a Naughty Girl?

That would be moi. I managed to pretend that my fabric storage is not overflowing with yardage just long enough to place an order on Fabric.com. For more fabric. MORE. Despite all of my wonderful stash-busting intentions, I am a sucker for linen, chambray, and sales!

But I won't be too hard on myself this time (though perhaps I should!). For one thing, every single fabric I bought is simply luscious. I know, that's not a good justification! But each fabric also was chosen with a very specific purpose -- some quite utilitarian purposes, too!

From top to bottom: Kaufman Cotton Chambray Dots Indigo, Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend in Raffia, Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend in Yarn Dye Chambray, and Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend in Yarn Dye Grey. (Notice a theme? I didn't even realize I'd put all of the "Kaufmans" together in the photo!)

The dot chambray is destined for a tunic, the raffia and chambray linen-blends are for wrap skirts, and the grey linen is up in limbo (the yarn dye is white and blue, and I was really looking for a "black" grey; I think it will end up being an apron). The dot chambray is by far my favorite -- it's got such an amazing hand, and the tiniest bit of sheen. Perfect! The linen blends are also great (I love linen mixed with rayon, because it's a hair less wrinkly and has a great drape), but they are a bit scratchy, as some reviewers had noted. As skirts they will be fine, since I'll always be wearing a slip underneath. But I'm not sure what I'd think in something right against the skin.

Last, but not least, these two beauties: Little Birds Double Gauze in White, and Minky Lattice Soft Cuddle in Rosewater

The double gauze on the left completely stole my heart as soon as I saw it (and I'm glad I snapped some up on sale, as the price has gone up!). I cheated a bit on this fabric, because it's not "purposed" yet. But muted robins and toadstools on double gauze? My self-control has its limits, people. Some of it will certainly end up as a blanket in case we have a girl in the future, and I figure it's perfect for baby gifts otherwise! In my defense, I was originally intending to pair some of it with the minky on the right, as a blanket for Rosa. I realized recently that she's still using her Carter's knit swaddle blankets (like these, in a different print -- I highly recommend them!). She's almost four. It was time to upgrade! Anyway, the two fabrics didn't go together quite as well as I'd hoped, so the gauze is reserved for baby projects, and the minky will be paired with something else.

I spent a bit more per yard than usual, but each fabric was just right for the project I had in mind -- and in the end, the quality will (hopefully) hold up long enough to justify it. Also, I have less sewing time as a mama of three, so if I am going to sew, I want to make it count! No "so-so" fabrics to turn into "so-so" projects.

In order to assuage my conscience, I am working my way through these projects as quickly as possible. I do not need more yardage in my stash, and in my experience the longer I put off using a fabric (usually through fear of "messing up"), the deeper it ends up in the stash. So expect to see some of these in action, very soon!

Anyone else have some fabric confessions to dish up? *wink*


  1. All of your fabrics are lovely! I am trying to not add any more fabrics to my stash but recently crumbled when I saw Michael Millers Children At Play at Fabric.com. My granddaughter absolutely needs a new summer dress made from this! Since they offer free shipping after $35.00, Michael Millers Wee Wander Summer Night Lights also made its way into my cart. So I guess little Kenzie will be getting two Nana made dresses!

    1. Diane,

      Thank you! I'm very pleased with the selections I made (which is good, because I never think far enough ahead to order swatches when I'm buying online! :-). I definitely like the free shipping over $35! I wish they offered more coupon codes, like they used to -- but their prices are pretty reasonable, and sales are frequent. At any rate, hopefully I can use up these fabrics *before* they end up in my stash, which I really have no business adding to!

      I love both of those Michael Miller prints -- they are charming!
      Lucky little Kenzie! :-) My grandmother used to make dresses for my sister and I, and it was such a special thing. I distinctly remember a very pink-and-white Daisy Kingdom dress, complete with tulle in the puffed sleeves. Gotta love the early 90's...

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Shannon,

    I can completely understand your fabric weakness. : ) Especially when a sale is involved! Fabric is so much more expensive than it was ten years ago.

    The linens look lovely! I look forward to seeing what you sew!


    1. Sarah,

      It's nice to find someone else who understands! :-) I do agree that fabric prices have gone up. Though, I must admit, my tastes in fabric have "gone up," too, so that may be part of it! I was grateful that all of these fabrics were quite wide, at least. It helps. :-)

      Pictures of the linen projects will be forthcoming! Thanks for stopping by!



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