Monday, July 18, 2016


I have quite a bit of fingering weight yarn right now, so I've decided to start working through that stash! An obvious solution is baby socks or booties, and after seeing Ginny's versions of the perfect-fit newborn socks I was sold on that particular pattern. Not that there is anything to "sell," because Kelly very generously offers it free of charge! 

The yarn is the very first skein I bought when I "really" started knitting about two years ago -- A wool angora blend made by Moss Hollowe. It's delicious on the fingers.

Also delicious (to the palate) -- blueberry cobbler, made by me with assistance from Rosa (who helped me "glob" the dough on top of the berries). I reduced the amount of sugar, because I often find that I like desserts just as well when they're not super sweet. It didn't take us long to polish this off! By the by, why don't I make cobblers more often? They're so simple and satisfying.

Delicious for the eyes? A wildflower from the seed mix I got for the kids in the Spring. I should have bought several packages for the space we planted, but I didn't realize just how few seeds there would be! At any rate, I had no idea what the name of this flower was until I came across it in the comments on one of Ginny's posts. (I've just discovered her blog, Small Things, and have been devouring it in my spare time!). It's Nigella, otherwise known as Love-in-a-Mist, and I will be planting more of it next year. Much, much more -- I'm quite in love with its exotic delicacy.

I'm grateful for these little delights to savor.

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