Sunday, March 05, 2017


After an apprehensive start, our chickens seem to be on the right track -- they are laying more regularly, and we are enjoying the results! 

The dark brown egg on the left is from our Blue Copper Maran, Cooley -- it took her quite a while, but now that she's laying she is the best layer of the flock! Of course, it's easy to tell which eggs are hers, because of their chocolatey coloring. 

We also recently found our largest egg to date in the nesting box -- a whopping 82 grams, compared to the average 60 gram eggs we usually find. I wasn't surprise to find that it contained "twin" yolks! On the same day, a different chicken laid the smallest egg we've found at just 47 grams. And no, I don't usually weigh the eggs! *wink* These two were just so unusual that I had to find out how they compared to our usual finds.

Largest and smallest! The 82 gram egg on the left measured 3 1/2" from top to bottom

We recently found five eggs in the boxes in a single day... which they compensated for by laying none the following day. My "goal" is three eggs per day (that's each chicken laying every-other-day, which should be a very reasonable expectation), and I'm hoping that with Spring well on its way, warmer temperatures and longer days will help increase production. And they're getting quite close to that quota lately, even surpassing it now and then! It's been lovely making our breakfast scrambled eggs with all (or almost all) our own eggs -- especially when there's homemade bread and fresh strawberries to accompany them!


  1. How fun, home raised eggs seem to have SO much more flavor than store eggs.

    1. There is certainly nothing like cooking an egg that's still warm from the coop! :-) I'm an egg lover regardless of the source, but having such a fresh, healthy source for eggs from chickens we know "personally" has been well worth the effort of caring for them!



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