Friday, March 24, 2017


A beautiful Spring day called for lunch out-of-doors -- after some unseasonably warm days in February, March has been mostly chilly (and often rainy!), so the opportunity was too much to pass up.

Of the many, many things you don't find out about parenting until you're actually a parent, one of the more pleasant surprises has been the frequent consignments of wildflowers I receive! Handfuls of dandelions seem to come my way almost every day:

For our picnic lunch, we headed to the nearby airport. There's an overlooking hill shaded by pine trees that's the perfect vantage point for take-offs, landings, taxi-ings, luggage unloadings -- all of the exciting events surrounding air travel. There's even a speaker that broadcasts the interchange between the airplanes and air traffic control. I find it rather soothing, actually, perhaps because I hear so much about it from my husband, or perhaps because it all sounds so orderly and well-managed. 

Several crows were perched in the pines, watching us with evident curiosity. Well, watching our food, that is! I tossed a few bits over, which were snatched up after the appropriate interval of cautious approach-and-retreat.

We made short work of our food, too! I find myself buying exorbitant quantities of clementines to keep us "stocked" these days. The new quilt made its debut, too, providing the perfect spot to spread out (though I was the only one sitting long enough to really enjoy it!).

I stationed myself at the top of the hill, while the littles raced up and down, stopping now and then for a nibble, or to share some amazing tidbit about the airport (the airport firetruck drove by! Now it's testing its hoses!). The perfect opportunity to indulge in a little knitting. After a long period of inactivity, I am feeling strongly motivated to finish my White Pine Cardigan, which I started back in July of last year. It was going to be finished for Fall, but I ended up becoming so frustrated with it that I put it aside half-way through the first sleeve. Now, with a baby on the way and growing littles, I desperately want to start some other projects -- but I know if I don't finish this cardigan first, it will irk me no end. So, finish it I shall! I'm already into the pattern work of the second sleeve, so I'm hoping that I can stay motivated long enough to finish. Who knows, maybe I'll even get to wear it once or twice before I put it away for the summer...

Almost done the twisted rib cuff for the second sleeve...

Of course, the very next day was bitterly cold -- it may be Spring, but Winter hasn't quite done with us yet. But as the weather warms up, we might be spontaneous again!


  1. How sweet to hear of your little family picnic. More than 20 years ago I enjoyed similar outings with my "then" littles. We would walk to the top of an ocean overlooking cliff at the end of our street and I would read to everyone out of our current "read-to" book while the kids watched birds flying backward in the air currents off of the cliff and over the water. Make many memories for yourself as well as your littles. They will remember and want to make similar ones with their own kids. Mine are.

    1. Erica,

      Your outings sound delightful! Books read aloud by the ocean while watching the sea birds -- doesn't get much better than that! :-)



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