Monday, August 21, 2017

Hope Springs Eternal

What do you do when you're massively pregnant or very newly postpartum? Apparently, if you're me, you buy patterns for garments that you won't be wearing any time soon...

It all started when I came across Sew Over It's "Penny Dress" in my Pinterest feed. I absolutely love the design of this dress! It's so simple and lovely -- and it's actually nursing friendly without any modifications. I'm not completely impractical.

But then I also came across the "Eve" dress... Again, nothing groundbreaking here, but it's such a lovely dress! And the wrap styling should be nursing friendly? A camisole (maybe even a "half" camisole) would make it plenty modest for my taste. So I added that one to my shopping basket, too!

And then I saw "Nancy," too! Not particularly nursing friendly, but the perfect style for my favorite combination of tunic + leggings. And it is at least postpartum friendly, right?

I thought my pattern binge was over, until I came across the "Rosa" dress from Tilly and the Buttons the other day (I suppose I was continuing my British pattern theme?). Oh me, oh my! A shirt dress with absolutely perfect shaping? I was skeptical, but the Pinterest gallery convinced me. Any dress that can look great on a variety of body types is a winner (I'm in love with this one!).

By the by, I find it very helpful to check out galleries or even do a Google search of a pattern before I buy it -- it can be very revealing to see what the "average Jane" looks like in a particular style, and several times has saved me from what probably would have been considerable regret.

So now I have four new patterns to try (unheard of for me, as I'm usually stingy cautious about purchasing patterns), and all I need now is twelve or so yards of fabric and absolutely no obligations for about a month. Don't worry, I have a newborn, so that's entirely within the realm of possibility... *wink*

But hope springs eternal, you know!


  1. The patterns are lovely. And I know that you will be back to your post-baby sewing energy filled self in no time :D

    By the way, you are not alone in seeing the images of patterns on different people before purchasing... it is a good way not to be holding a pattern you are truly not going to make!

    Enjoy your children Shannon...

    God bless!


    1. Mari,

      Thank you for your kind words! I did sneak in some sewing time recently to make a changing pad cover (exhilarating, no? ;-), so I'm hoping to get "back in the saddle" soon.

      You are so right about patterns -- I'm very happy to spend a bit extra on an independent pattern (versus the $1 JoAnn's sales for the "Big 4"), but it is a tragedy indeed not to use the pattern. Or worse, use it and find out that it's not the right style/fit at all!

      The time is already flying so fast with baby #4; I am trying to savor every last snuggle! :-)



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