Monday, September 18, 2017

Out of Doors

There's nothing like a good walk out of doors, is there? Especially on a day that has a hint of fall in the air. Especially with the four dearest little people in my life.

Even in death there is beauty -- decay brings forth new life, literally lifting up the forest floor in its enthusiasm.

Light plays on the water, and then among the leaves -- it was one of the Littles who noticed the reflection of the water dancing on the undersides of the leaves overhead, as we lingered by the lake.

We're studying botany for school this year, so one of our favorite haunts for an outdoor jaunt is also rife with opportunity. "Is that an angiosperm or a gymnosperm? Is this plant vascular or non-vascular? What is botany?" I've always like English, history, and math more than science, so I'm having a good brush-up by teaching the Littles -- another benefit of homeschooling!

We also sighted some dragons (apparently -- I never caught a glimpse, sadly), spent quite a bit of time waiting for Laddie to catch up, and (in Scout's case) had a nice nap.

There's an egret perched in some dead branches -- can you spot him?
With Scout out and my six weeks of "taking it easy" complete, I'm savoring my rediscovered energy and plain ol' ability to move (I was so huge at the end of my pregnancy that I couldn't manage much more than a waddle!). It's going to be a lovely Autumn.

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  1. Enjoy this season of life. I found it the sweetest!


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